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The Ascension Mastermind

Embody the Version of You Who Claims It All- 

 (And gets it!)


Brianna Colette Chevery

Hey Babe,

Most women who seem to have it all when it comes to love, money and their career end up burning out because on the inside they're hustling to make it all happen. 


And that's because we've all been sold a big fat lie... that in order to have it all we have to do it all.


But we don't stand for that over here!

I believe you can have it all- its about who you're being rather than what you're doing.

Imagine this...


  • You’re on you’re dream vacation with your family and the love of your life and you’re feeling so grateful that every area of your life is thriving- your career and your relationships and you finally feel like you’ve found your flow 

  • You’ve fully embodied the version of you who truly does get to have it all without denying or sacrificing parts of yourself to have the success you’ve always wanted for yourself

  • Your whole life is connected - your business, cash flow and your relationships are all supporting you and you’re able to start manifesting on even bigger and bigger levels

Ascend Into The Love, The Legacy, The Lifestyle 

















It gets to be an ‘AND’!




The truth is you just haven't learned how to become the container for it all.

Maybe you've already experienced a level of success but you feel like there's something missing still.


You want more.


Your career is going great but your love life isn't doing so hot. For too long you haven't found the success when it comes to finding a life partner and you're starting to realize it's time to change all that.


Or maybe you already have the partner and the family but now you want to expand your career or professional life and you’re worried you're gonna have to sacrifice your family or your relationship to really experience the kind of success you truly want.


Now lean back and imagine all these amazing things are your real life and not just your Instagram life- but here's where a lot of women get stuck and stagnate…


They focus on their career and on reaching success that they forget to put real love on their ‘to-do list’.


Others prioritize becoming a Mom and building their family and put a pause on their own aspirations to be able to be present for their little ones.


Or maybe they try to juggle both family and career all the while feeling guilty and no matter how hard they try they still feel like they’re always failing somewhere.


Girl those aren’t your only options!


It's not an either/or situation.

The flow, the balance, the freedom and permission to go after it all


You don’t have to sacrifice your wants and desires,
dim your light or deny parts of yourself to make it all possible...

If all that sounds great but you’re like how does that actually even happen…


I’ve get it- I’ve been there.


The only models of success I saw out there were hustle, grind, success and sacrifice.


Women denying themselves what they really want, over giving, taking on too much, not getting the help they need and deserve and becoming resentful by trying to juggle it all.


So as I approached my big dreams while I was pregnant with my daughter and the reality that my whole life was about to change, I started to question- could I really do this?

Bri Bust.jpg

When that reality kicked, so did my anxiety… big time!


I kept trying to wrap my head around how I was going keep growing my thriving business that I was proud of, show up for the most important role of my life as a Mother while also keeping the spark alive in my relationship with my husband.


Every time I would face this new reality and everything I needed to figure out I would have a full blown meltdown and end up in a puddle of tears.

I kept feeling like 'I know there's so much more abundance out there because I've already experienced it.' 


I'd already scaled 2 of my businesses well over 6 figures, but I kept feeling like I’d hit my limit.


Like I couldn't get through to that next level.

And I knew I didn't want to 'white knuckle-it' to get there.


 I wanted to thrive not just survive

That’s when I made the decision to expand my capacity and invest in mentorship, healing and doing the inner work so I could run my business as a CEO.


I started to charge my worth and receive the highest cash months of my career as an entrepreneur. 


I created boundaries around my schedule with my partner and my daughter.  I put myself, my dreams and my aspirations on my priority list.


I discovered by expanding my capacity and my container to receive, I could accomplish more and make an even bigger impact without doing more.


I cleared out the shadows and fear and embodied the truth that validated that I can do it and have it all at the same time.

Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 4.33_edited.png

That's why I created
Ascension Mastermind

This is the space for you to become that version of yourself that fully believes she can have it, has the confidence in herself to go after it and the capacity to truly have it all.


Ascension Mastermind is all about expanding your container to receive so you can embody your birthright of abundance and step into your season of success in every area of your life.

It's about becoming the embodiment of the woman who knows she can have it all and gets exactly what she wants.

Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 4.27.13 PM.png

So what are the results you can expect?

  • Unshakeable trust in your ability to attract abundance in all its forms and release your fears around money, success and love


  • Releasing the deep seated beliefs that make you feel guilty for doing what is truly the best for you so you can fully realize you don’t have to sacrifice your career or parts of yourself in order to reach that success 


  • Alchemizing the unseen emotional and energetics blocks that are sabotaging your efforts from reaching your highest alignment when it comes to your personal and professional goals

  • Redefine what success means and feels like to you- the business, the free time, travel, the love life- and the shifts necessary to become an energetic match for all your desires

What topics are we going to cover?

  • Where, why and how you’re giving your power away and identify all the ways you’re blocking yourself and getting stuck

  • Reframing the underlying belief systems around your shadow aspects that are feeding into your Imposter Syndrome, Fraud Complex & Inner Saboteur

  • Activating your Sovereign Businesswoman archetype who is empowered by “having it all”- the love life, a thriving career, a family- and the top notch boundaries it takes to make it all possible

  • Releasing ancestral codes around scarcity and rewiring your subconscious nervous system to feel safe with having the money, success & abundance you want to receive

  • Running your business instead of it running you so you actually have the time freedom to enjoy what you've created

woman bath stockphoto.jpg

Who is Ascension Mastermind for?

This is for the Woman Who...

  • Is ready to make her dreams and goals a reality and is ready to take the steps necessary to go after the things she truly wants

  • Has an “I’ll do whatever it takes” mindset to reach her goals and feels activated by that commitment to herself

  • Is done chasing after success and wants to integrate into her life a more aligned way to reach success that reflects her values around freedom and flexibility.

  • Feels empowered by becoming the confident woman who is deeply embodied in her worth and is actively creating the life of her dreams

This is Not for the Woman Who...

  • Allows her fears to override her determination to attain her goals and wants to stay in her comfort zone 

  • Isn’t ready to prioritize herself and her dreams and keeps telling herself “someday I’ll do it”

  • Sees the investment into herself and lets her fears around having enough get in the way and stop her from getting resourceful and taking action

miami beach.jpg

Spaces are Limited
(Already 80% Sold out!)

Client Success Stories

blonde stock headshot 2.jpg


"Every time I invest in myself with Brianna I'm blown away by how much my life changes for the better. Most recently after working with her I manifested everything we were working towards. I'm now in a new city at my dream job doing what I love and I'm so excited for the future."

Latina stock headshot.jpg


"Having Brianna as a mentor helped me identify how and why I was self sabotaging not just in my relationships but in my career and professional life too. I learned how to trust my intuition, I gained my power back and I manifested a job that is double my previous salary!"

blonde stock headshot.jpg


"To say working with Brianna was a gift for my soul is an understatement. It's so clear now what I deserve and I'm not afraid to ask for it. I've let go of the fear that always kept me stuck and I'm now listening to my intuition rather than my anxiety. I recommend Bri to everyone!"


Meet Your Mentor

Brianna is a SoCal native living in Miami with her husband and their beautiful daughter. 


Being single in Los Angeles for 10 years before she met her husband and moved to Miami, she was living the life that many girls dream of.


But not all the glitters is gold she soon found out. The life and business she had built didn't bring her the happiness and fulfillment she was ultimately after.


Brianna started leaning into spiritual practices and holistic modalities and discovered that healing the relationship with herself was the key to unlocking everything she wanted to experience in life.


She is a gifted entrepreneur having successfully scaled two of her businesses to 6 figures and beyond and has embodied the belief that success gets to be easy.

Brianna is the kind of Mentor that is deeply committed to her own personal healing and expansion. She believes her clients are powerful and guides them to remember they are Sovereign Manifestors with the ability to create the life of their wildest dreams.


She is a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, an NLP practitioner as well as a certified sound healer. Her psychic mediumship and intuitive healing guidance support her to facilitate past life regression therapy, profound inner child healing and helps her clients break free from limiting behaviors and beliefs.

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Here's How It Works


Mastermind Dates:

Begins October 2023 and closes October 2024


We’ll meet:

  • 2x monthly group Empowerment Calls (90 min) -Monday’s @ 1pm est (TBD)

  • Quarterly (4) 1:1 Coaching Intensive Calls (90 min)


What’s included?

  • Text Support via Voxer- Private & Group Chat

  • A luxurious In-Person Retreat in 🌴Miami, Florida🌴 (Date TBD)

 Your Investment in You: 

Only $15,000 Paid In Full


Paid in Full *Special Bonuses* Include:

  • $3k off Regular Investment

  • Extended VIP Retreat Weekend

  • Customized VIP Day (E.g Photoshoot, group

activation or experience)



Invest with Payment Plan 

  • 12 installments of $1,500

(Only 2 Spots Left!)

Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 5.33.02 PM.png

Woman I see you, this is your season!

I know you're ambitious and you deeply desire to experience success in all the ways that matter and you refuse to settle for less. You want more, you know it's possible for you and you're not gonna quit until its in your hot little hand.


So if you've been waiting for a message that it is your turn for shit to really pop off for you in every area of your life... this is it girl!


If you want to feel that the money is flowing to you with ease and you've found your super flow in love, life, family and career...


Not scrolling Instagram wondering when all your manifesting and hard work will finally pay off.


Don't spend one more minute doubting yourself and questioning why you have to keeping waiting and working your ass to to get there.


Decide today that this year is your year and step into the woman you came here to be.

I can't wait to hold space for you and watch all your blessings roll in sister!


Palm Trees

Enrollment by Application Only

Space is Limited

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