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About Brianna Colette

Founder of Your Soulmate Mentor 

Psychic Medium + Relationship Coach

Your Soulmate Mentor and relationship & dating expert, Brianna is a certified coach who helps successful women at the top of their game professionally, finally become as successful in love as they are in their career. A Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, certified in NLP, a psychic medium and a certified sound healer, she fuses modern therapies with spiritual healing modalities.


She infuses her coaching with powerful intuitive healing methods to create inner transformation for external results. Such as past life regression therapy, access to soul contracts, channeled ancestral wisdom, and intuitive guidance. All her gifts working together to help her clients break free of toxic patterns and finally find love.


She guides her clients to connect with their Higher Self in order to focus on experiencing a more authentic form of self-love. This is the catalyst for massive change that has resulted in her clients growing stronger relationships and authentic connections and experiencing the most preeminent of bonds: soulmate love. 


“When people come to me, the deeply want love but don't know why it hasn't happened for them yet. They’re successful, intelligent women who have a lot going for themselves, but struggle to have the relationship they really want. I teach them how to break through any barriers that are blocking them from attracting the love they want from a partner. I show them how to  magnetize the right man who's on their level and get the soulmate relationship they desire.”  


No matter what form of love complications her clients may have, Brianna first establishes where their inability to achieve success in relationship stems from. Whether that be unresolved childhood traumas, pain from past unsuccessful relationships or decades long emotional blocks, Brianna guides her clients to learn to feel safe in vulnerability and intimacy so they can finally experience an emotionally fulfilling partnership. Examining her clients' belief systems allows Brianna to focus on any client’s energetic blocks that are preventing them from finding real love.


Brianna’s passion stems from her own personal experiences and growth, continuously evolving her ability to intuitively heal and help clients enter a fulfilling relationship and their most aligned love life ever. By fusing modern therapies, energetic healing modalities and psychic gifts, her clients are able to discover their most authentic connection with a partner and rewrite their futures to achieve and experience the kind of love and relationships that we all desire. 


“Love isn’t about finding something outside of yourself to make you whole. It’s about leveling up your own self-love and to open up so you're finally able to receive it.”

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