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You don't have to stay hooked on toxic love anymore...

Relationship Rehab

Is the place to Break the cycle of  addiction to unhealthy relationships and finally find your King!

Now Enrolling  for 2024

Hey Babe!

Sit back and let me paint this picture for
ya' real quick...

You’re planning your dream wedding with the man of your dreams (the one you’ve been searching YEARS for) 

You finally feel totally at peace within yourself and in your relationship and feel deep in your bones he’s the man for you. You finally know what it feels like to have found your soulmate.


You feel completely safe to be your real, messy, imperfect self and you feel loved, accepted and celebrated for who you are flaws and all


The trust you have in each other and in your relationship is unmatched to anything you’ve ever known before and you can't believe that this is your real life 

Beautiful right?  But if you're still hooked on toxic love you're probably....

Staying too long in dysfunctional relationships

  • You keep trying to make the relationship "work" even though you see all the signs that this relationship isn't right for you, but have a hard time knowing if leaving is the "right" thing to do

Attracted to emotionally unavailable narcissists or 'project men'

  • You're attracted to the "bad boys" or men who aren't ready for commitment. You miss the warning signs that are the precursors to emotionally manipulative and abusive behaviors in men.  

Unsure what a healthy relationship feels like

  • You question yourself whether what you're experiencing in the relationship is "normal" and have difficulties trusting yourself and your decisions

Fearful of being vulnerable & trusting men

  • You've been hurt in the past and struggle with abandonment wounds inflicted by men. You're reluctant to fully let your walls down because you're afraid of getting hurt again.


I see you... and I get it, because I've been there.


For years I was addicted to toxic men that were never at my level- fixer uppers, non-committal boys that weren't ready to be a man I could fully trust.

I always thought of myself as a "catch"...

I had a successful career I was proud of, made great money, I travelled constantly to fabulous places whenever I felt like it and had a booked social life. 


But for years I cycled through "fixer upper" men who were so 'not the one'. Looking back now it's so obvious that I was attracted to men who were emotionally unavailable, manipulative and major commitment issues.


I just couldn't see it then. Even with the red flags waving right in my face...I dove head first into relationship after relationship with men who were never gonna wife me up and I didn't know what I was doing wrong.


Then one day I got a big
wake up call...

I was sitting in my apartment and suddenly I heard women screaming. I immediaty opened my door, to see my neighbor and his family covered in blood and stab wounds.


Suddenly everything went dark. I could feel the perpatrator standing behind me . I turned to see him covered in blood and ran for my life  and miraculosly I was left unharmed. I couldn't believe what I had just witness, and after spending hours with the police I called my boyfriend. 

Lemme give you a quick back story on that relationhsip...

Even tho I knew that he could be manipulative and had a toxic relationhsip I was still really hopeful

But I couldn't beleive that when I told him what happened, He acted like it was no big deal.

I needed his support more than ever but he treated me like my emotional fragilty was an inconvinience. 

Unfortunately this went on for weeks and weeks, he made me feel bad for having PTSD. So when he broke up with me a few weeks later I was absolutely devastated.

I sunk so low into a depression that I thought about taking my own life. And then it hit me... I had given a toxic man steal my light and make me think that's all i deserved from love. 


That was my wake up call...


I vowed I w NEVER fall for the wrong guy again. I will never blindly dump all of myself into a man who either can't love me or doesn't know how.

So instead of throwing myself into another relationship...

I started to focus on the most important relationship I'd had all along... the relationship with myself.

I started healing my childhood trauma, emotional abandonment and clearly saw how all that unprocessed pain caused me to be attracted to "toxic" masculine partners that kept me stuck replaying those dynamics.


This healing was the catalyst for a major spiritual awakening. It allowed me to drop the toughness I had been operating in years and feel safe to soften into my feminine.

bri soundbath training.JPG

I learned how to stop forcing,
chasing and hustling in love.

I let down my walls and felt safe to be vulnerable.

And that Feminine energy magnetized a kind, loving and strong Divine Masculine man.

And ultimately led me to my husband, soulmate and Baby Daddy.

The kind of love he showered me with was unlike anything else I had ever experienced.

Then it clicked...

Suddenly it was crystal clear to me why everything else before had failed and what it was that needed to shift to make  finding a relationship like this possible.

And then it hit me... If someone had only given me the the addiction to.

That's when I discovered I had a process that worked
I decided to create a program that would detox my own clients from the chaos of addictive toxic love.That
's when I discovered I had a process that worked!

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Relationship Rehab

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Now Enrolling for 2024 Program Begins January 9th

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6-Month Group Coaching Container

Self-Paced Video Training Modules

Customized Sound Healing Meditations

Members Only Private Group Chat

Intuitively Channeled Journal Prompts

90 Minute Bi-Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

2 Private Coaching Intensive Sessions

Here's What People Are Saying?

April H.

"Brianna helped me to release deep-seated emotional blockages that I had been struggling with for years. I’ve redefined what healthy love is and have experienced profound personal healing. I’ve never had so much hope for the future before. I highly recommend working with Brianna!

Vanessa C.

"To say Relationship Rehab was a gift for my soul is an understatement. I loved the Feminine & Masculine Energy modules. Bri, thank you for your guidance, your intentional presence and for building such a powerful group container. I recommend this program to everyone!

Anna D.

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Meet Your Mentor

Brianna is a SoCal girl at heart who now lives in Miami, Florida with her husband and their beautiful daughter. 


Before she met her soulmate and became a Relationship Coach, she actually struggled in her intimate relationships.

She went from one relationship to the next trying to figure out what she was doing wrong and why those relationships didn't end up with the meaningful connection she was after.


After witnessing a murder and going through a messy breakup, Brianna decided she was done with the endless dating game and settling for less.


She began leaning into holistic modalities and discovered that healing the relationship she had with herself was the key to unlocking the love and partner she's always wanted.

Brianna is deeply committed to her own personal healing and expansion. She guides her clients through her proven signature process to embody their Divine Feminine Queen power and confidently call in a Divine Masculine King.


A Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, NLP practitioner, certified sound healer and psychic medium, Brianna fuses modern therapies to intuitively heal her clients on a deep level that have long gone unhealed and unaddressed by traditional talk therapy.


In 2022, she celebrated 5 clients finding their partner and get engaged, 3 getting married and 2 clients starting families of their own.

Brianna believes love doesn't have to be hard, it just takes intentional healing work in the beginning to be ready to meet your Soulmate.


Your Investment In You:

Regular Program Price:

Pre-Launch Special Pricing:
Only $5,000

Take advantage of the
Extended Payment Plan:

Only $625/month x 8

(Space is limited. Offer ends 11/30)

Wondering if Relationship Rehab
is right for you?

We got you. Book your free 15-minute decision call with Brianna.

Calls are first come first served. Only 2 spots available a week. 

Listen Girl, I know you're ready for real love...

I know it's hard watching everyone around you start to pair off, get married and start having babies.


While you're probably still swiping the apps and the prospects out there are lookin' bleak.


But it doesn't have to be like this... there's a better way!


Don't waste another second doing what what you've always done hoping for a different result.


Decide today that it's your turn to finally find your forever love that know is out and there and waiting for you.

Choose yourself and take a bold step towards creating your future.

Go sign up for Relationship Rehab right now.

I can't wait to welcome you to this life changing program and celebrate all your success babe!

xx Brianna

  • When does the program start?
    The first group call begins Tuesday January 9th @ 8pm EST. Come to the first group call fully prepared having watched and completed all program materials (welcome video, training modules, sound healing meditation and journal prompts).
  • When are the live group calls?
    Live group coaching calls are held the second & fourth Tuesday of each month @ 8pm-9:30pm est.
  • What if I can't make a live coaching call?
    All calls will be recorded and posted to the private group chat so you can watch the replay.
  • How & where do I access the program content?
    All program content is available in the membership area of the website. Every other Wednesday following the group calls, new program materials (video training module, soundbath meditation, journal prompts) will be released for you to complete in preparation for the next group call.

Frequently Asked Questions

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