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Relationship Rehab Presents:

Healing The Mother Wound:

Uncover the Hidden Wound Sabotaging You From Experiencing Success & Healthy Love

(So you can stop the bullshit and call in your person NOW!)

Now Enrolling for
April 9th-May 15th

In this 6-Week Immersion You Will:

  • Discover how to set healthy boundaries in all your relationships and own your worth instead of spinning in self-doubt and people pleasing

  • Begin to raise your standards of what you will and won't accept from men (and even friends, family and bosses!)

  • Learn how to free yourself from generational trauma so you can stop the cycle and claim the life and soulmate kind of love you deserve and desire

  • Work to heal your Inner Child to reclaim self-trust, authentic confidence and finally let your walls down and feel safe to be vulnerable and let love in!


What is the Mother Wound?

Take This Quick Quiz!

Do you...

  • Have a hard time trusting people & are highly anxious in relationships?

  • Have a deep sense of unworthiness & fear that partners will always leave you?

  • Struggle with constantly people pleasing & feel guilty for holding boundaries? (With friends, family and romantic partners)


  • Do you feel like you have to be the "Yes Girl" and often prioritize HIS needs over your own?

  • Put on the mask of confidence and but inside you feel insecure and if you really let someone in to see all of your messy parts they wouldn't love you?

These are all signs that you're experiencing symptoms of The Mother Wound.

The way we were nurtured and loved by our Mother is the baseline for what we perceive as 'healthy' in all our relationships.


It's how we learn to understand what it means to love ourselves... and is directly relational to the love we accept from others.

But when we've missed out on critical nurturing in our formative years, it alters our ability to trust, connect and bond with others.

This happens even with the most well-meaning Moms who are struggling with their own unhealed traumatic experiences.


As a result, they are oftentimes emotionally immature, lack the tools for emotional regulation and are ill-prepared for the stress and pressures of Motherhood.

Unknowingly they project their own trauma and anxiety onto the child, hardwiring their mind and body towards dysregulation and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

This is why you're stuck in the cycle of attracting relationships that cause so much internal conflict and chaos...but that chaos is the devil you know.


It's why in hindsight you can see that He was so obviously toxic for you... but you can't help falling back into "situationships".

This is why I created The Mother Wound Program.

It's your moment to claim healthy love and rewrite your new relationship story.

Introducing Healing the Mother Wound...

No more self-abandoning.
No more people pleasing.

No more ignoring the red flags.

Healing the Mother Wound isn't about blaming your Mom. It simply means giving yourself the nurturing you needed in childhood. It means finally knowing what an emotionally secure and healthy relationship should look and feel like and having that coded in your body.


Imagine finally having the confidence to trust yourself when choosing a partner without all the anxiety and constant second guessing.


You feel safe to be vulnerable and know what it's like to actually receive in love. Your relationships feel easy and don't require you to sacrifice parts of yourself to maintain them.

In this program I offer you the roadmap to healing this wound.


At the end of 6 weeks you'll know down in your bones what it feels like to have a secure, strong & emotionally safe relationship.

Once you heal and alchemize this piece, you'll notice you start attracting a healthier, higher caliber Man...

One that heals rather than hurts.

How it works...

ocean at sunset.png

We'll meet for live group calls on Zoom on the following dates*:


Tuesdays- April 9th & April 23rd

Wednesdays- May 8th & May 15th

7pm-8pm EST


*All calls will be recorded and available for replay

When We Meet

What to Expect

I'll be taking you through my proven 4-step process for healing The Mother Wound so that you can finally start attracting healthy relationships that heal versus hurt.


We do this through 4 core modules, personalized coaching calls on group calls, practical 'homework' and intuitive healing activations to rewire your subconscious programming to connect to what is healthy in relationships versus unhealthy and toxic.


Plus you'll have access to an exclusive group support chat via membership portal. 

Regular Investment: $1500


Now only $597

VIP Upgrade-


($3000 value )

*Only 2 Spots Left!



  • One Private Deep Dive Healing Session with Brianna. Customized healing to uncover your unique experience. Together we'll uncover where your Mother Wound is showing up in relationships and what to do about it. 

  • Private sessions include modalities such as Reiki, Past Life Regression, hypnotherapy techniques, Karmic Cord Cutting, chakra healing, intuitive channeled messages and healing in the Akashic Records.

The Investment

F9322E6F-FF95-47F3-A5C7-5A99C98EA90A_L0_001-11_27_2023, 4_35_33 PM.jpg

I'm Brianna Colette...

I'm the founder of Relationship Rehab, my proven program where high achieving women who are successful in life and career (but not in love) break free from toxic relationship patterns and attract their soul mate in 18 months or less (with an 80% success ratio)!


I"m also the creator of Healing the Mother Wound program and I live in Miami with my husband and soulmate and our beautiful baby girl.


But it wasn't always this way for me... for years I went from one toxic relationship to the next. I kept wondering what I was doing wrong and why I kept picking the wrong men.

And when I started my healing journey I realized I had a lot of anxiety and coping mechanisms that caused me to attract the wrong kind of men that were a perfect mirror of all of the stuff I hadn't healed yet.

Once I identified this was part of the Mother Wound I carried, I was able to finally heal and made the declaration as a professional Relationship Coach to help other women uncover this profound wound.


I'm so excited to invite you to go on this journey babe. The truth is until you address this, you'll continue in the same cycles and patterns.


I want to celebrate you and see you happily in love with your person and best friend riding off into the sunset together for a life that brings you both so much peace and joy!

I can't wait to watch you finally start living the life you came here to live:)

xoxo Brianna

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