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Reiki Training: Levels I & II

Come get Certified in Holy Fire Reiki in this one-day online training. Receive the sacred symbols that will ignite in you your own Reiki energy to practice on yourself and share with others.

Reiki Training: Levels I & II
Reiki Training: Levels I & II

When & Where

Apr 29, 2023, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM PDT


About the Masterclass

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that heals physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is a powerful tool that relieves stress, anxiety, pain and trauma in the body and mind. It harnessing the "Universal Energy" thats all around us can be felt immediately when invoked. 

Becoming certified in Reiki is like getting a massive spiritual upgrade as now you are tapped into a higher level of consciousness and the frequency of unconditional love that is always available to you. Reiki teaches you how to connect into that energy and how to channel it infinite abundant potential.

This class will give you the history and origins of Reiki, understand how to use the modality in your own self-care practice, how to send and use Reiki long distance or if you desire- how to build your own healing practice and share this powerful modailty with  so many others that need it.

You'll recieve the sacred Reiki symbols at Levels 1 & 2,  a training manual, lots of hands-on training and the confidence to know when and how to use Reiki energy for physical, energetic and spiritual healing.


Training will be held from 9am PST- 4pm PST with time for breaks and lunch in between. 

Please make sure to get a good night's rest the night before. Do not drink alcohol and try to eat a healthy diet the days leading up to training. You want your energy to be clear and open to integrate everything you will be receiving and learning.

Please make sure to your correct mailing address so I can mail you your training manual.


  • Reiki Certification- Level 1/2

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