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Brianna Colette

Founder + CEO 
Your Soulmate Mentor



Meet Your Mentor


I'm a Southern California girl now living in South Florida with my husband Jay and our baby girl Messiah. I'm a grounded Capricorn who loves the beach, traveling the world and rolled tacos 🌮...IYKYK.

And while I've found my soulmate and built an entire business around being a relationship coach, I didn't always have my love life all figured out. For years I struggled in my relationships, always settling for less and getting my heart broken.


It wasn't until I witnessed a murder, that turned out to be the catalyst for my spiritual awakening, that my life finally started to change. 

After that traumatic event I experienced PTSD, depression, panic attacks, and my anxiety got so bad that I was unable to function normally sometimes.


When I started having suicidal thoughts, I knew I needed to do something to pull me out of my dark night of the soul. I began diving into the same holistic healing modalities I share now. These therapies healed me in ways deeper than the years of therapy I'd been doing thus far.


It was like everything clicked. I finally attracted the love of my love I'd been searching for all those years. I healed myself- and in the process mastered the tools needed to attract a soulmate.

I’m passionate about holding a safe and sacred space for clients to show them how to magnetize the love they desire to have in their lives. I guide clients to re-connect with their Higher Self and how to trust their own inner guidance and to finally believe they are worthy of love.


I’m deeply committed to my own personal healing and expansion because I know what I heal in myself, I am able to embody that wisdom and share with my clients. Everything I teach and share, comes from personal experience and my embodied frequency of soulmate love.


I've helped hundreds of women learn the keys to calling in healthy & happy relationships.

In 2022, I celebrated 5 client engagements, 3 marriages and 2 became Moms.


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