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Positive Mental Health Habits — Burn out, stress, and anxiety are so common nowadays and they are a major success killer. Between work, family, and daily life there can be a lot of pressure. Having a self-care routine, or as I like to call them, “tools” (meditation, therapy, exercise, unplugging) enables you to recalibrate, get inspired and tackle anything that comes your way. If you are mentally strong you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.


There are many things in life that people wish to overcome and yet, when you look to Google, you’ll find that if you type in “How to get over,” the first option is “someone” with the second being “a breakup.” If you're trying to figure out to how to get over someone you love, you're not alone.

While replaying every single moment—questioning your actions that led up to the split—seems to be a go-to technique for many people, relationship experts have a truth bomb waiting to detonate: Constantly rehashing what happened is not a good way to get over someone you love.


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“When people come to me, their love life has become stagnant, and they don’t know why. It usually means they are living in a belief system of fears and old trauma. I work to upgrade their belief system about what is available to them and what they think they deserve. When you don’t know how to love yourself you will end up settling for someone who doesn’t know how to love you either.”

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