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I help successful women find their soulmate. 

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"My mission is to remind you that you are enough and to support you as you confidently call in a love that sets your soul on fire!"

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Relationship Rehab

Are you addicted to emotionally unavailable men and toxic relationships? 


Then it's time to check yourself into Relationship Rehab.


My signature process will help you to identify & heal the core reasons why you pick men that always leave you with an emotional hangover.

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"Brianna completely changed my life! I’ve gone to therapy for most of my adult life, and always felt like I wasn’t progressing the way I wanted to. Working with Brianna I learned how to communicate effectively, how to share my emotions and what it means to truly be in tune with your highest self. One year later and I am happily engaged and planning my wedding! None of this would have been possible without Bri’s magic powers! I am forever grateful for her and her kindness and support. Everyone should work with her!"

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Welcome to a spiritual sisterhood with Brianna & Keturah diving into love, life, career & all things spiritual. Both are intuitive coaches and have experienced their own powerful (and sometimes messy) awakenings and invite you into the conversation. Transparency is the name of the game and these two never shy away from keeping it real. Your hosts will guide you to feel more connection on your journey to self-discovery and ditch the feeling that everyone else has it more figured out than you.

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